Recommended Gear List for Photography

Thanks for reading over this list of recommended gear items for your photography business! The first thing I want to let you know is…. The most important thing you need– is between your ears.  VISION is 10000X more important than the price of your camera.  Yes- the fancier the gear- the fancier you may feel, but… if you have an empty brain– your shots will be… meh.  The items I recommend below are merely suggestions. If you can borrow a camera from a friend– SCORE!  I hope you find this list helpful 🙂


CAMERA BODIES: You don’t NEED to most expensive– lenses are going to be pricey- get what you can afford.

Canon 5d Mark IV  $3149

Canon 5d Mark III $2249

Canon 80d $1049

Canon 7d  $749


LENSES – You only NEED one to start. Getting new lenses is like heaven.  

Canon 24-70 f/2.8 $1699

Canon 50mm f/1.2 $1295

Canon 50mm f/1.4 $329

Canon 85mm f/1.8 $349



Canon Backup Battery $63

Backup Batteries/Charger $29.99

Card Reader $15.95

Reflector $16.99

SanDisk 64GB SD Card $36

Camera Bag $49.99

Photoshop/LR 1 year $119.88



Starter Light $699

IF YOU WANT NICE NICE LIGHTS- Message me and I will easily help you spend $10,000 lol

Puerto Vallarta with Hope Beel and Justin Martin/Seeley Dec 13-18

We are heading back to Mexico again!

After 2 trips to Tulum/Riviera Maya- we are headed to the western side for the amazing sunsets at an all-inclusive resort. Join us for shoots, socializing, networking and more!

To see images from our last trip to Mexico- please check out the FitnessGURLS site HERE

To see images from our last trip to Costa Rica- please check out the FitnessGURLS site HERE

Itinerary and shoot options listed below-

5 nights at an all inclusive in Puerto Vallarta–
Air/resort runs approx $1000/person based on double occupancy (as of last week) out of Denver CO. If interested, message me and I’ll send you the package booking page to check actual costs from your location (they price match as well!).

Vamanos! Who’s down for margaritas and tacos??
Put “Puerto Vallarta” in the subject line

Looking for sexy fit couples for NSFW demo shoots


For those of you who have followed my photography for a while, you would have seen a shift away from gym fitness shoots– and a focus on physique photography (artsy, or as some call it- porn).

I’ve shot fitness competitors for years… and have sadly seen too many people walk away from a show with a negative self image when they didn’t place first.  All of that hard work… and their only take away is that they weren’t good enough.

To see that… sucks.  To see body dysmorphia affect SO MANY people… sucks.

Couples, on the other hand…

The coolest thing about shooting fitness couples after a competition (or even outside of a show)– is the look in their eyes when they get close… when they press into each other (I kinda make them do fun stuff).  I see the spark in their eyes- the passion in their squeezes- the excitement when they sneak peeks of firm glutes and sexy six packs.

Couples… remember WHY they ate nasty ass fish for 12 weeks.  They did it to compete, yes… but they also did it because they share a passion, they love each others company, they support each other– and they get to play with increased energy and confidence.

It’s cool to see couples who have been married for 20-30 years still have fire for each other.  That’s f’n sexy.

Why am I shifting focus into shooting sexier couples types of shoots?

Because I love seeing fit couples shooting with the purpose of LOVING life.  That’s way more fun than shooting people who only see how badly they think they suck.

Why am I focusing on doing NSFW (not safe for work) types, vs my usual sexy couples style?

Because images that can’t be posted online– are meant just for the couple’s eyes to see. For their memories. For their fun. The images aren’t for FB likes, or for increasing followers… Privacy/discretion is the #1 priority. Fun is guaranteed 🙂

Are you shooting people doing… like, really really sexy stuff???

I shoot couples doing whatever they’re comfortable doing. I just add in lighting, symmetry, lines- and a desire to add creativity and an artistic interpretation of their passion. **The images above are a few shades UNDER what I need- since those are all pretty safe for Facebook.  If that thought scares/offends you… stop reading now!**

So what type of couples do you need for the demo shoots?

I need a few couples who aren’t afraid of touching and being touched by their partner while nekkid.  The styles needed aren’t only for those who can do acrobatic yoga type poses.  Fit bodies are a plus- Passionate couples are a must.  Classy- yes. Hot n steamy- You know it!

What does a demo shoot mean?

A demo shoot means I’d shoot you and your partner (if the shoot makes sense for both of us) and I’d be able to use the images for my branding campaign. In return, the session fee would be waived and you’d receive any images I use for branding**

**web sized edited files

Branding images wouldn’t show faces above the mouth- or they’d be shot with faces looking away from the camera.

Albums/large prints would be available if you didn’t want your local Walmart teenager looking at your prints

So- how do my partner and I get considered for the demo shoot?

Fill out the following- and send to (Please put ‘Sexy Seeley Shoot’ in the subject line)

  1. Names and ages
  2. Social media (IG or FB)
  3. Current fitness level
  4. Current location – willingness to travel to Denver to shoot? (I do travel to SD/LA/Vegas often)
  5. What she find sexiest about him- (don’t be shy) What he finds sexiest about her- (don’t be shy)
  6. “I’ve always wanted to ______”   (relating to a photo shoot)
  7. What does “NSFW” mean to you? What are your boundaries? (don’t be shy)
  8. Any special skills (acro yoga, etc) or have anything unique? (yacht, ferrari, private pool, secret dungeon)
  9. Any identifiable traits (tattoos/piercings) that would make privacy a concern?
  10. How important is privacy? (marketing images are cropped at the mouth- or faces are hidden for discretion)

**For those of you who would rather maintain your privacy and NOT have these images used for my branding campaign, you can still book a reg priced shoot. Message me for shoot info**

Thanks for your interest!


Hope Beel/SEELEY Fitness Model/Photographer Workshop

Last month, Hope Beel, Justin Martin and I shot down in Nosara, Costa Rica for our first FitnessGURLS Submission Trip! To see all of the images, go to!

We had so much fun, we’ve decided to do it again! This time we’re headed back to Mexico! We will be at an all inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya (30 minutes from Tulum).  To see examples of the images we’ll be shooting- please scroll down! You can also find info on the resort and the shoot options (optional).  Come hang out with like minded fitness enthusiasts and enjoy the beautiful sands of Mexico!