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Here are the options:

For those able to travel (primarily Socal, Vegas, TX and AZ)

Initial cost: $550 

This includes a portfolio review- an audit of your social media (or lack of) and helpful tips intended to increase engagement.

You’ll get a full breakdown of where your work currently stands up to your colleagues who are doing what you’re hoping to do.

The initial cost also includes an in person workshop (Denver, San Diego, Maui or Vegas) *transportation/lodging not included

Ongoing monthly cost: $199/month (no minimum term required)

Monthly dues include invites to complimentary shoot outs (usually held once a month in various cities)

This gives you continued support to ensure you achieve your desired goals.

You can stop at any time— however should you want to rejoin, you’ll need to sign up again (initial cost applies)


Month 1: $200 initial start up (no workshop included)

$100/mo after that.

In person shoot outs/workshops would be discounted


What do you get as part of your membership?


  1. portfolio review
  2. social media action steps
  3. Monthly team zooms
  4. A one on one zoom each month
  5. invites to shoot outs (we still try to connect once a month/every other month)
  6. included/discounted workshops
  7. lighting guides
  8. posing guides
  9. team support


When you’re ready to take the next steps with your photography- please send me the following:

  1. Your ultimate goal with photography
  2. Your current pricing structure 
  3. Your favorite image you’ve shot to date
  4. An image that shows where you’d like to move towards (can be any photographer’s work)

I need to make sure we’re a good fit for each other, before we become official official.

Message me with any questions.


Here are a few testimonials from current/past members:


“I’ve watched all of Seeley’s YouTube videos and thought I’ve learned everything he had to offer. I attended two @Seeleyfoto fitness photography workshops (San Diego and Vegas) within a 30-day period because I wanted to improve my multiple light techniques and posing (for my subjects). Definitely got a lot more than what I signed up for! For example, as a result of about a dozen images (btw, these images are definitely my personal portfolio favorites as they show a lot more quality and polish than everything I have) from the workshops that I posted on social media, four new athletes are now interested in shooting with me—first time that happened. Also I was able to observe Seeley live as he executed during a shoot, instructed models on how to fine-tune poses, created amazing images using limited surroundings within a short amount time—all were mind-blowing. The cool thing is that he answered every single question I had—and I had tons. These two workshops definitely put my fitness photography business on the fast track–from establishing an legit IG game plan to monetizing my business. I am eager to attend future workshops because of the incredible value and results. Finally, the tips, tricks, and cc gained from being a part of the Mentorship Facebook Group are definitely something that can’t be learned by watching YouTube and has already proved to be invaluable to my development of a professional photographer.”



“I have been a photographer for more than 2 decades.  Over the past 5 years, I have focused on Studio Fitness Photography; however, shooting in the gym is an entirely different skill set. I attended one of Brett Seeley’s Gym Workshops in Feb 2020.   It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life.  It wasn’t so much that I am not a good photographer as much as it was seeing how high the bar is for truly professional grade gym photography.  In many respects, it challenged me to see my photography, especially lighting, in a new way.  The 2nd breakthrough for me was the importance of Social Media Marketing.  My IG was frankly a mess with a hodge podge of fitness, family and cell phone photos.  I was encouraged to start a Photo Only IG with the specific purpose of branding my work.  My expectations have been exceeded in its impact on my brand.  Finally, the mentoring and fellow photographers is the X-Factor.  We communicate on a regular basis and provide constructive criticisms for our photos – we are truly friends but the input is direct, to the point and no sugar coating.  Honestly, it can sometimes sting a little but everyone knows that it’s about the photo, not a personal attack against the photographer. I am extremely excited to see what this year holds for me and where Photography is going to take me.”



When I signed up for Brett Seeley’s Workshop in Las Vegas I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I was impressed by his YouTube channel and all the various types of content that has been put out so far. The topics that where covered were so much more than photography in a technical manner. From directing the models to how you should interact with the models from start to finish, I felt Brett was not only looking out for photographers but also respecting fitness photography and the trust that’s involved. I signed up after reaching out to Brett various times through YouTube and was impressed right away when my emails where returned instantaneously. I was able to catch him when he came to Las Vegas where I live and I expected it to be a teacher to group type of workshop. I actually came in and the first thing that happened was Brett asked me what I wanted to change most and what was important to me as a photographer. He also asked me about my background. 

I mentioned that I was I needed work with directing the models and keeping them engaged. I did not want my future bookings to be one time only sessions. In order to get them coming back and referring I needed to control the sessions and make them fun but to the point. Brett learned that I was a DJ and knew that I had to take that same confidence and use it as a photographer. If it was one thing that I would walk away from the workshop it would be more confidence and the ability to engage with the models. My first session with a amazing model got off to a rough start due to me not speaking loud enough or sounding confident with directing the model. Brett knew that he had brought in some experienced talented models that could have posed on their own, however to help me achieve my goal he directed them to wait for my instruction. As the day and night progressed I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence and was told by the models and other photographers in the group that I sounded like a different person. My excitement to shoot more has since increased and also learned about lighting and how important it was to change my social media to not only show my portfolio but get new PAYING clients. I not only gained more know how but a network of some amazing photographers that share my passion and constantly share some great feedback and knowledge.”

“My name is Nathan Phillips, owner of Unmasking Images with my wife Vivian. We started our photo business in 2016. I specialize in fitness photography with video on the side. I first reached to Brett Seeley when I first noticed his work. I was blown away by the quality and instantly I told myself, “yep, there’s my new path”. Not just the style that I loved, but the energy, attitude, and platform he has. So I reached out with interests in his mentorship program.

Not gonna lie… I was very hesitant to invest my money into someone that would be online based. But after hours and hours and I mean hours of chatting here and there, I finally pulled the trigger and went all in. He never pressured me either. Solid guy that doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Trust me, you want that kind of person in your corner.


I first met Seeley at the Arnold during the whole Coronavirus scare. This was a prime chance to really see what I was being offered for the price point he laid out. Let me tell you though, the results of everything from people skills, posing, lighting, business tactics, growth, and just anything and everything was top notch. This was raw and energetic engagement with models and other creatives. You didn’t have to worry about competition on the scale of someone screwing you over. It was family and nothing but motivation. I got to shoot 9 models and immediately seen improvements with my communication and quality of work. Plus the networking alone was a huge value. Just have to use it right, and he teaches you that. This is a long review, but I’m sure someone out there is literally in the same shoes I “WAS” in. If I can sum it all up for you, then it would go like this. Invest in yourself and the rest will follow.

I’ve already made my investment back and it’s only been a few weeks.

You cannot sit back and expect things to come your way. You have to put the creative efforts into play for the wheels to start turning. Seeley does exactly that, but also challenges you to be better. Plus he has phenomenal advice that has protected and progressed me within my new fitness photography journey. Take the leap and don’t be negative with struggles. Flush them away and grow. HE WILL GIVE THE TOOLS FOR JUST THAT!”



“Seeley has recently started his mentorship courses and is creating a mentorship fast track program.   I want to say a bit about why this is an invaluable opportunity.

When I first started photography, it was street stuff while learning camera, then trying to learn how to do portraits by reading a ton of stuff (crap) and watching a ton of …stuff… online with other really popular photographers from wedding to IG photographers.  I felt I was learning pretty quick, only had time, or opportunity, to shoot once maybe twice sometimes a month and people in my area were telling me they were amazed how fast I was learning and very fast telling me I can not be doing free photos with photos getting that good.   This was before meeting Seeley and you will see by my before photos when people were saying I was getting “so good”…..that when Seeley ‘jokes’ about me sucking…….really….really bad, He’s not actually joking lol. 
I scoured YouTube and found Seeley’s channel.  It instantly became my favorite and go to channel because he did one thing EVERY other photographer wasn’t doing…….explain what was going on and why he had lights in places and talked about posing, rather than walking the street and saying I put light here…she do stuff….it light her….it look pretty…I edit.   That and when you see the lighting difference between his stuff and others.  It’s night and day on Seeley photos always looking more professional and skilled.
For a while Seeley advertised, 1 spot left in Vegas….for anyone, any level of experience, just go and have fun!  It took a good month or so for me to get the weekend off from work.  I sent msg, he replied fast saying room was still available and that was his first mistake.   Because I’ve been on so many trips since then lol.  When I went to that first trip in Vegas.  I got warned how Seeley teaches people, he doesn’t hold your hand having you leave learning nothing, but everyone told me it was so worth it.  I didn’t care, I wanted to learn.  I’m a fitness junkie, wanted to get into fitness photos, but that was only a side priority because I wanted to learn the lighting and how to take these photos and that was my only care or concern.
First day was rough, basically froze after being thrown into the fire.  Was a really embarrassing moment, all eyes on me and no experience really working with models.  Umms, uhhs, can you….maybe try this?  hmmmm….no…don’t like…….That night I recapped all the tips and advice everyone told me, went to bed to wake up super early the next morning for dry lake bed shoot, just took a deep breath, and literally charged forward.  By day 2, after watching Seeley shoot, literally tagging along by his side everywhere to watch him and being forced into my own photo situations, I had already felt I was months to a year ahead of where I was before.
By the second trip, the experience and knowledge I got pushed me double where I was.  After just 5 days of shooting with Seeley over about 2 or 3 months, models started thinking I was a pro and had been doing this for years.  (As I type this, I have 7 months of actual experience…..little over a year with a camera).  I’m constantly being asked now and taken out of the mentee position and put into a mentor position already from people saying it took them 2, some people 8 years, before they got close to where I am and how how how….The way Seeley teaches these workshops and me taking the new info and experience then charging full speed ahead is how.
I’m constantly eager for the harsh critiquing, knowing they will make me better (and I can’t lie, some critiques hit you deep), and every single trip learning something new.  Actually so much that there was no way for me to remember everything, but Seeley says if you learn and remember 1 thing each time, that is a success.   As much as Seeley will say it’s my hustle that got me where I am so fast, I attribute so much of my growth and success to him, and no, this isn’t blowing smoke up someone’s nose either.   Look at my progress, and look at the average photographer around the world, Heck….look at the crazy popular IG photographers that legit have 100k+ non fake followers.  I say this because I’ve been shown my old stuff side by side with my current work to force me to see my own growth because I can be hard on myself.   7 Months……I literally just got done talking to a gym owner in my local area, one of the biggest gyms for fitness here, giving me full access and while there I was talking to a model I am going to shoot with next week and she told me….her words…..”there is basically one fitness photographer in our area and he’s….”the dude” here.  He shoots the same thing over and over and pretty plain, nothing like what you are doing.  Your stuff is SO good”.    There’s no freaking way I would be in that spot, this fast, without Seeley’s guidance!  Absolutely no way. 
I’ve been traveling around to as many trips as I can since Vegas July 2019.  With the knowledge gained and still gaining, my IG page has been cleaned up, my following has gone from 360 to 1065 and growing by 30-60 followers per week, growing faster as I go.  I went from making no money and goal to make money after 2020, to getting my first paid shoots a month after my first Seeley workshop.  Now I’m getting close to my first solo weekend trip to LA, without help from other photographers, with potential to be a $2000-3000 weekend.
I will continue to keep going on these trips improve myself and now to help teach others, while hustling my ass off to earn money to cover the trips.  Because if this is where I am in 7 months of just shooting once….a couple times twice a month with Seeley’s guidance.   It’s hard to imagine how far I will be in another year from now, but I’m fkn amped for what’s to come!
Oh one last thing, I’m personally glad everyone else decided to skip the opportunity in Vegas and gave me the chance to go.  I’ve done 6 other photography workshops before that Vegas one, and the workshop wasn’t required that weekend, I opted it as an extra to learn and not just go hang out with random people.  Seeley’s passion is to see people learn and grow…..the 1 on 1 experience I got from that weekend with Seeley laid the foundation to where I am now and where I’m going.   The Value of these workshops is insane.  There is literally NO other workshop you will find that will give you the value dollar for dollar as Seeley’s workshops.  I dare you to try….you will spend a lot of money in regret.  Also…..these are tax deductible anyways, Lass goooo!”