If you have a brand, you should definitely be on Youtube.

In order to help the audience know, like and trust you- you may want to consider starting a podcast (plus, it’s super trendy right now!)

Both of these play nicely together- but both of these take a TON of work.

The biggest challenge when starting these… is starting!

Here’s the scoop on what all is coming here:

A: For those who are DIY’ers… I will start sharing links to gear, articles, podcasts and YouTube videos that are helpful to get started/get better with creating your own YT content, Podcasts, Reels and YT Shorts. ¬†I spend tons of time watching vids in my never ending quest to learn as much as possible- so I will gladly share what I find! Ideal for those who don’t want to spend any money (I get it!) but don’t have a lot of time to watch a thousand videos on their own. I gotchu! (I’ve watched thousands already!)

B: For those who are DIY’ers, but know that the secret sauce is being held accountable- I’m creating a COMMUNITY of creatives/business owners who want a network of like minded individuals to toss ideas to- to be held accountable by- to get answers to random questions- and who like to share success stories with other entrepreneurs! Monthly online meetings (zoom) where we share best practices in real time, and we make sure everyone is moving forward in a steady pace. ¬†Monthly dues would apply- with the potential for additional one on one zooms if needed. Costs: $100-$200/month

C: For those who wear multiple hats already- and cannot fathom the idea of putting on another… maybe a personalized plan is best, where I can help you with all of the steps required to produce your own videos/podcasts/promotional content

Benefits of this option:

no gear purchases needed
no software purchases needed
assistance with storyboarding
assistance with hosting needs
assistance with search words, descriptions, affiliate links, titles, cover images, editing, color correcting, audio editing, etc etc
assistance creating a content strategy to help minimize wasted time while ensuring content can be repurposed across multiple platforms

For those interested in option A, just come back often as I update this page with links and more links.

For those interested in option B or C, send me an email at submit@brettseeleyphoto.com and I’ll send additional info to make sure this is a good fit for you. Please type in B or C in the subject line so I know which option you’re interested in.

Regardless of the choice you make, I hope you continue to crush your business goals! I’m a huge fan of all entrepreneurs- so I’m rooting for each and every one of you!