Thanks for your interest in the Tulum Shoot Trip hosted by Jody Wright and Brett Seeley!

Here are some details:

Tentative dates: January 13-17

Location: Tulum (currently looking for an airbnb or resorts that can accommodate our large group)

Who’s attending: In addition to Jody and Brett, there will be a group of photographers (most are in my coaching group, so they’re amaaaaazing), other models, videographers and a styling team (hair/makeup)

Lodging Options: You will have the option of securing a solo room / shared room / shared bed (with same sex) or separate lodging on your own (getting to/from shoot locations would be your responsibility)

Lodging cost ranges will be given asap!

Airfare NOT included : Shuttle service can be scheduled for groups (splitting costs) based on arrival times. Be advised that Tulum is approx 2 hours from the Cancun airport, so a solo shuttle can be pricey


We will be shooting onsite (Airbnb or resort) as well as early sunrise beaches and/or other locations that Tulum offers (so many!). Our goal is to get a wide variety of shoot looks to give you maximum content at gorgeous locations!


Typically, we have a schedule for shoots- where everyone rotates to ensure everyone shoots with everyone. Cost: $750

**Early bird price = $600 for the first few who secure

If you’d like to secure an extended session, DM me to customize your shoot.

**you don’t HAVE to shoot with everyone. I highly encourage you to do so, however- because shooting is FUN AF!

Hair/makeup services additional (optional)

I’ve hosted 20+ destination trips- so your comfort is my #1 priority. Photographers are selected based on quality of character, work and abdominal muscle tone- so I’m confident you’ll have a blast!

Some of the best memories are honestly when the cameras are put away, the hair is tossed up in a bun- and we get to legit connect with one another as a group. No- this isn’t a huge drunk fest (sorry drunkards) but instead- it’s a group of f’n incredible creatives… who all share a passion for celebrating every day we have… whoa- that sounded super emo… yup. These trips are fun- and about exploring, creating and connecting as new found buds.

Drama is not allowed- period.

I’m too old to deal with it-

We will most likely have two or more houses. The primary shoot house- a secondary photographer house- and then an overflow house for late bloomers. Those will be coordinated by others

If you have any questions at all- please do not hesitate to ask!

I look forward to shooting you on the beautiful beaches of Tulum soon!